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Lash line Enhancement

$217 / 2 Hours

During this procedure, our technician will add color to the lash line, it will make eyelashes appear darker and fuller, your eyes more awaken and open, it also denies, brightens and accentuates the eyes, absolutely not painful, thickness and color customized for each client.

Who may need this procedure? Everyone who’s using mascara or black pencil 

Eyeliner 7.jfif

Shaded Eyeliner

$317 / 2 Hours

It will give you a subtle shaded pencil look that will accentuate and correct the natural shape of the eyes and give the appearance of uplifted eyes, different result can be achieved depending on the client’s needs...from Smokey liner to subtle lash enhancements with the softest shading on top, this procedure can be tailored to create many desired effects.

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